How to Create an Eye-Catching Trade Show Exhibit

When designing your upcoming trade show exhibit, you have to think about more than just the function and messaging your space will provide. It won’t exist in a vacuum; rather, it will be surrounded by the booths of like-minded vendors and brands who will be fierce competition once the showroom floor opens. Because what is the most important thing you will be competing for at any trade show? Attention.

Striking the balance between a glimmer and a glare is tricky. Same goes for the balance between a gimmick and a truly on-brand way to catch the eye of a passerby and keep it long enough to make them remember you. We enjoy this part of the process, and have gathered a few tips that help us help you create your most beautiful, eye-catching trade show exhibit possible.

Consider Color Choices

The colors you choose for every design element – graphics, wall color, and even the product you set out – can decide whether your exhibit will command attention, or push it away. It’s not even as simple as using bright colors; some vibrant shades might be “eye-catching,” but can also be overbearing and invoke a sense of chaos and clutter. We start with your traditional brand colors and help you select accent tones (as well as organize them around some surprisingly eye-catching empty space) that help give your piece an effective focal point.

Estimate the Flow of Traffic

You only have a few seconds to catch attention, so think about your booth placement. Are you located on a corner? At the end of a row? Though there’s no real pattern to the paths of trade show guests, you can expect a lot of passersby to pass closely from the “right lane” and experience your exhibit from its frontal right side to its left. It’s important to consider this when designing the space, and placing any digital elements or assertive graphics closer to the frontal right side can help you significantly to attract more visitors.

Never Skimp on Lighting

A well-designed lighting setup will truly make all the difference in a world for your exhibit. Good lighting not only draws the eye to where you want it, it also has the power to create the tone you want for your space. Cooler colored lights are brighter and tend to pop more, but you can also attract attention with a warm lighting setup if you’d like guests to mingle and browse through your product for longer.

Your brand story is important. Telling your brand story in the most organically attractive way is your ticket to pulling all your visuals together and, as a result, pull passersby in for a closer look. We enjoy helping you find that delicate balance, and hope to build you up to be a top showroom competitor! Feel free to give us a call at 604-422-0025, email us at , or fill out a form on our website to receive a quote any time.