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Spotlight : Vibram Booth at FN Platform 2018

mackenzie EXHIBIT is proud to announce that the Vibram booth at FN Platform 2018 has officially been awarded the Most Innovative Use of Space Award. We relish the opportunity to work with such inventive and creative companies such as Vibram and look forward to working with them to create many more iterations of award-winning booths in the future.

FN Platform

FN Platform is a chance for leaders in the footwear industry to gather together to share ideas and fashion-forward creations that provide inspiration for the global market. These companies represent the best-of-the-best from over 30 countries and showcase designs for men, women, juniors, and children; needless to say, competition among these creative companies is pretty strong. Because FN Platform represents a concentration of some of the most respected footwear brands in the world, it’s even more impressive that Vibram was able to so clearly stand out and win the Most Innovative Use of Space Award.

Vibram Booth

Vibram booth at FN Platform 2018 wins  Most Innovative Use of Space Award.

Vibram booth at FN Platform 2018 wins Most Innovative Use of Space Award.

The Vibram booth by mackenzie EXHIBIT drew heavily from the global nature of both FN Platform and Vibram’s international brand presence to create a design that truly represents our worldwide culture. The booth interior featured an installation with a constellation-style representation of the globe with pins placed at international hubs around the world all leading to design aspects of the Furoshiki “wrapping sole” design. This innovative structure allowed for a maximum amount of information to be conveyed in a beautiful and succinct manner and is one of the many reasons why the Vibram booth was tapped for the FN Platform Most Innovative Use of Space Award.

Striving for Innovation

mackenzie EXHIBIT is constantly reaching for new and fun ways to bring our clients’ ideas to life, a perfect example of which can be seen in the Vibram booth. Do you have an idea in mind but you’re not quite sure how to communicate it to attendees at your next trade show? Contact us and let our expert team of designers and project managers take it from here.