Google Instant Apps Poised to Positively Change Event Apps

June 2, 2016

A recent announcement from Google could provide a powerful new tool to event marketers.

Google introduced Instant Apps at its developer conference last month. Instant Apps gives users the ability to run Android apps without installing them on their smartphones. This new ability could help marketers take better advantage of event apps. Event apps have frequently suffered from minimal downloads and low adoption rates. Instant Apps might help fix these problems by making installation of another app unnecessary.

Here is how Google describes Instant Apps:

Instant Apps could mean event attendees won’t have to download an app onto their phones for an event that only lasts a few days. Marketers can also benefit by driving brand engagement in a way that is streamlined for their users.

It remains to be seen whether Instant Apps will be the success Google hopes it will be. Many large media outlets such as The Verge have already expressed tentative optimism based on the demos they have tested so far. Either way, it’s certain that event marketers will want to keep an eye on Instant Apps.