mackenzie EXHIBIT Team Thrilled with Move to New Office

June 9, 2016

At mackenzie EXHIBIT we believe in the power of great design and its ability to positively shape the world around us.

This belief was at the top of everyone’s mind over the past few months as the entire mackenzie EXHIBIT team worked together to design and build our brand new office space at our Ogden, Utah facility. We explored many options for the office design and build, including a modular office structure provided by the likes of BMarko Structures. For now, though, we settled on a traditional building structure and implemented some innovative designs. Just in time for summer, we are finally moved in and could not be happier. The new offices are a reflection of the excitement felt by the company as a whole as it continues to grow.

The new office now sits in the corner of our 120,000 square foot facility, providing easier access and collaboration between departments. The design is intended to enhance interactions and create a sense of community for employees.

The entire space was designed to reflect the values of the company. Our design team and craftsmen applied the same attention to detail as we do while creating exhibits for our clients. The space is clean, modern, and most of all functional. Every work station is larger and equipped with quality desks and chairs (like the ones available at, for example) which are more comfortable. This could probably help the team members be efficient and productive. One of the most important changes to the new office is an expanded graphics department. All of our state-of-the-art printers fit into a new area within the office. Additionally, our graphics production table doubled in size, allowing our graphics team to layup large images more easily. These improvements will increase efficiency and allow the team to more easily meet the high demands for trade show deadlines.

A key design element throughout the new office is a series of wood accent walls.  The natural beauty of wood adds texture and dimension. Horizontal lines on the white walls in varying thicknesses and widths add to the unique features of the space. An orange feature wall is a bold accent to brighten the space and create an energetic environment for the mackenzie EXHIBIT team.

The new office is truly an accomplishment the entire company is proud of. We are excited to harness the energy that the new office space has given us and use it to deliver exceptional results for our clients.