Retail Showroom Design

The mackenzie Exhibit shop is equipped with the best machinery on the market. The machines are also run by dedicated and experienced craftsmen. The resulting combination of these two elements is a factory that can produce nearly any custom structure or furniture that can be imagined. We take advantage of this capability to create brand aligned spaces even outside of trade shows.


Retail Space

It’s no secret that the way a retail space is designed affects the way people shop. Our shop specializes in designing custom retail fixtures and showcases that entice customers to buy. We have the capabilities to build everything from the graphics on the wall to the shelves products are displayed on and everything in between. Our focus is making sure the retail environment reflects brand values and drives sales.

Custom Trade Show Display Suunto

Showroom Design

A single well-crafted piece of furniture can transform a space into an environment that makes potential customers more likely to buy. Showrooms rely on good design choices for this reason. The mackenzie EXHIBIT shop will use machines such as our top of the line CNC router to build any piece of furniture or custom display necessary to convert a showroom into a space that connects buyers to brands.


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